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About Grasshopper Pre-School


Our Aims

  • To enhance the development and education of children under statutory school age in a parent-involving, community based charity group.

  • To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment allowing children to reach their full potential.

  • To work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunities for all children and families.

We Offer Your Child...

  • A specially tailored curriculum working through the Early Years Foundation Stage - setting the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five.

  • Individual care and attention made possible by a high ratio of adults to children

  • Fun and friendship with other children and adults

  • Every child is supported by a key person, who they warm to and feel safe and secure allowing them to settle confidently.

  • Opportunities for you and your family to be directly involved in the activities of the group and in your own child's personal journey.

The Parent/Carer support

Research shows that children learn better when their parents are involved.  Parents are welcome to come in and help during a session at any time.  We also encourage families to complete our weekly diaries this enables the keyperson to share valuable communication time with your child discussing and recalling events from home.

Key Person

Our key person system gives every child the support of a personal key staff. All children in the group are made to feel safe and secure which can make settling into the group much easier.  In addition, the key person is in a position to tailor the group's curriculum to the unique individual needs of each child.


All our policies are designed to offer the best possible experience for the children and families in the group.  Our policies are reviewed on a regular basis and comments and suggestions from parents are always welcome. Copies can be given on request.

Special Needs

Children with special needs are warmly welcomed within the group. We aim to work closely with parents and other professionals involved in their support, in order to maximise the children's learning. Wherever possible we will strive to get extra help or equipment needed and take parental and professional advice.

Fire Evacuation

Fire drills will be held at regular intervals. The children will be quickly assembled and escorted to the nearest safe exit. The register will be called. Only when we have been advised it is safe to do so, will we be allowed to re-enter the building.

Management and Administration

The Grasshopper Club is run by an elected Committee, which ensures that major decision making is in the hands of the parents who use the group.  The Committee is responsible for reviewing both policy and practice, and for the employment and appraisal of members of staff.  Our Annual General Meeting, at which the Committee for the following year is elected, is held yearly.

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